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Nuplay Pickleball Paddles - nuPRO + cover

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A paddle for the pros! NuPRO is designed for players that prefer a substantial feel in their game. If you love returning almost unplayable shots nuPRO will simply delight. 

It is a heavier paddle suitable for players from a hard-core tennis background, offering speed, spin and control. The well-designed core density distribution provides an even and extended sweet spot across the paddle. 

Cover included, FREE. 

Technical Specs

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Weight (Range): 245 g (±5g)
Height: 40cm (15.75″)
Width: 19.5cm (7.75″)
Paddle face: Carbon Composite
Core: Polypropylene Polymer Honeycomb
Grip: Custom nüplay cushioned grip
Grip Circumference: 11.0cm (4.5″)